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Programs at MAC

MAC is committed to hiring teachers of excellence who are, first and foremost, role models for our children. All of our educators are Montessori certified through AMI or AMS training and have significant teaching experiences. Not only does MAC hire the very best teachers, but we ensure a teacher to student ratio that allows every child to be known at a highly personal level. We recognize that the teacher/student relationship is a significant part of the learning process for all students at all stages of their education. A teacher accompanies the students on their personal journey, advising and giving feedback along the way. A well-planned and executed mentoring program helps define goals and means for students to learn and grow.

MAC nurtures and educates children from 8 weeks through Middle School, this is not a typical Montessori model in the Denver market. MAC is cultivating character development in our students by educating the whole child with understanding of social-emotional development. We provide robust parent education to help parents to be their best at home as well.

Our staff members are warm and welcoming and take time to get to know, and truly care for, each child and family. There’s a sense of community, family and warmth at MAC and we would be excited to welcome your family!

When pregnant with our first son searching for childcare, we knew from the moment we entered MAC’s halls that it was the right fit for us. Fast forward 11 years and an additional child added in, we are still here. We have moved homes three times and although our commute keeps getting longer, our boys happiness has kept us coming to MAC. From the Nido and Toddler environments where they taught us first time parents what amazing tasks children are capable of to today in Elementary where their confidence and social emotional intelligence are truly impressive. Our children have flourished due to the skill, patience and vested interest that every teacher we have encountered has had for them. They say it takes a village to raise kids and MAC has been the best supplement to our village we could ever dream of. We recommend MAC to all families wanting a quality education focused on guiding their children to reach their full potential.

-Judy & Nick, Elementary PArents