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Primary Dual Language Classroom

Casa, our Dual Language classroom, follows the same Montessori philosophy and curriculum as our other Primary classrooms, with the added benefits of learning a second language.

MAC’s Primary Dual Language classroom, Casa, is a first-of-its-kind program for MAC that offers students the opportunity to learn in both English and Spanish within an authentic Montessori Primary environment. Our Dual Language Program uses the same content as our traditional Primary Montessori program, delivered by a bilingual Spanish/English Montessori-trained Lead Teacher. Children in the Casa classroom receive individualized lessons in Spanish and English throughout the day working on continued oral development as well as reading and writing in both languages. This rich exposure is fortified through Spanish and English learning materials, teacher interactions, books, songs and more. Children in the program gain comprehension of the Spanish language with some oral production of the language as well. Students moving on from Casa into MAC’s elementary program receive continued language learning instruction to build on this rich foundation. Spaces in our Dual Language program are limited. Inquiries may be directed to our admissions team.

The rest of the school community receives weekly Spanish instruction with our dedicated Spanish teacher who also provides access for students to do self-paced language learning through web-based platforms outside of school.  One of MAC’s priorities is to continue to expand Spanish language programming so all of our students may experience the many benefits that come from speaking another language.

Learning a second language has proven benefits. Studies have shown that it can help improve a child’s cognitive functions, literacy as well as social and emotional skills. Beyond these research-based benefits, knowing a second language opens a pathway to developing a broader world perspective and appreciation for people and culture which is a natural extension of the peace education pedagogy intrinsic to the Montessori learning journey.

Dual Language

Learning to read and write in Spanish only benefits the child by helping grow synaptic connections in the brain and improving working memory, once this code is cracked, the child can apply it to other languages. 

Our daughter is bilingual. Supporting her biliteracy and biculturalism is extremely important to us. Casa has exceeded our expectations on every level. She is not only reading in both languages, but is immersed in conversations about Spanish-speaking cultures and history. Casa has augmented her pride about her heritage, and most importantly she’s thrilled to go to school every day. We couldn’t be happier to have chosen the immersion option at MAC.

-Margaret and César, Primary Casa Parents