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MAC's Middle School is a private school located in Denver, Colorado and is one of the first purpose-based middle schools in the United States. We foster students' development of a greater sense of self and their contribution to the outside world by guiding students on a journey of thinking, feeling and doing. 

Middle School Merit Scholarships

MAC offers a limited number of Merit Scholarships for rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Though these students may not demonstrate financial need, they exemplify MAC’s mission and our unique purpose-based Middle School curriculum. You may find out more information on the scholarship as well as how to apply here.

Other Tuition Assistance Opportunities
We strive to increase financial accessibility to MAC and have several opportunities to help families afford a MAC education. MAC offers financial assistance options to eligible students including our Tuition Adjustment program, Curtis Park Scholarship, Endowment Scholarship and Middle School Merit Scholarship. Click here to learn more.

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Middle school students working at a table.
With Innovative Academics

The curriculum at MAC's Middle School pairs student interest and rigorous content within a dynamic, experiential structure. MAC Middle prioritizes the intrinsic motivation of students and helps them stay engaged in the learning process by aligning their beliefs with curricular goals. Curriculum is created in alignment with the common core state standards and backward designed from high school preparatory standardized assessments to ensure that students are well prepared academically for high school, college and career readiness.


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With Exploration of Character

Each student brings a uniqueness that is honored in MAC's Middle School. We recognize the importance of tapping into student interest in order to create opportunities for growth. Our educators use the strengths and curiosities of students, coupled with a strong social emotional curriculum that allow learners to access learning in ways that are meaningful to them. We encourage each student's exploration of values and strengths so they have a strong understanding of their learner profile and are able to advocate for their needs within the school community and beyond.


MAC Middle School Belize
With a Fearless, Forward Mindset

MAC's Middle School fosters each student's understanding that we are all part of a larger community and encourages self reflection on their place within it. Students explore themes of identity, community and their individual universe of obligation to expand this consciousness. They use the outside world as a classroom to connect with the world as they develop their independence and collaboration with others. Learners engage with communities through regional and international trips to find ways to give back as well as promote understanding and appreciation of different people and perspectives.

At MAC's Middle School, learning is about discovery. Our approach is student-centered, with our educators guiding students to hone 21st century skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration. Lessons are tailored to student interest, learning style, need and ability, so learning has context that is meaningful for each learner. At MAC Middle, knowledge is not delivered by our educators, but rather co-created with each learner as our educators harness teachable moments to scaffold learning as thinking, feeling and doing. Our entrepreneurial approach to learning focuses on connecting with each learner’s unique gifts in order to bring out the best in them.

Middle School Curriculum & Learning Approach

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Meet the Teachers

Shawn Bona

Shawn has his Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry as well as a Masters of Montessori Education from Loyola. Before he started teaching, Shawn was an academic researcher studying the behavior of zooplankton and he was a National Science Foundation Fellow. Although he loved the lab, he loved the classroom even more. Shawn began his journey at MAC in 2014 as a Primary Co-Teacher and After School Lead Coordinator, before joining MAC’s dynamic Lower Elementary program in 2016. He has been the MAC Middle Co-Lead Teacher since 2022 when the school launched. Shawn loves working with middle school students and he believes that this formative age deserves an educational experience driven by authentic connection, purpose and value. He believes that middle school students, when given the opportunity, can go above and beyond our wildest imaginations to make impactful change on our community.

Fun Fact: Shawn is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is the youngest of five siblings and he is a huge Packers fan!

Gabby Seligman

Gabby knew she wanted to be an educator from a young age, inspired by her middle school Language Arts teacher. Gabby graduated from Clark University with her BA in History and Psychology. She then went on to become a Jewish Youth Director in Massachusetts. During her time in informal education, Gabby became passionate about developing authentic learning opportunities and relationships. In 2018, Gabby stepped into the classroom as an apprentice teacher at The Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA, and completed her Masters in Education from Boston University in 2019. She worked at a project based middle school, where she helped develop an immersive and thoughtful 6th grade curriculum. She has been the MAC Middle Co-Lead Teacher since 2022 when the school launched. In her classroom community, she fosters independently motivated curiosity and compassion towards others within her students. She is excited to continue creating an authentic, challenging and community-oriented environment for adolescents to flourish.
Fun fact: In her free time, Gabby loves to try out her comedy chops and is a former cast member, coach and graduate at the Improv Boston Comedy School!

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