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Middle School

Welcome to MAC Middle's 2022-2023 Inaugural Year, an evolved approach to preparing learners for their future.

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At MAC Middle, learning is about discovery, not rote memorization of facts. Our approach is student-centered, with our educators guiding students to hone 21st century skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration. Lessons are tailored to student interests so learning has context that is meaningful for each learner. At MAC Middle, knowledge is not delivered by our educators, but rather co-created with each learner as our educators harness teachable moments to scaffold learning as thinking, feeling and doing. Our entrepreneurial approach to learning focuses on connecting with each learner’s unique gifts in order to bring out the best in them.

About MAC Middle School

MAC Middle

MAC Middle engages the core pillars of our mission to guide students on a journey of thinking, feeling and doing to explore their personal sense of meaning and outward global impact


To learn more about our Middle School program and curriculum, download the program profile below.

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