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MAC’s Integrated Kindergarten (IK) is a magical culmination of children’s Primary years; it is the critical capstone of a Montessori early childhood education. Our IK program is specifically designed to meet and empower every student to thrive.

MAC's Integrated Kindergarten is a full day program that engages students academically, socially, and emotionally. The morning is spent in the classroom where students participate in work that serves as the pathway to the beginning stages of reasoning and abstraction. The Kindergartners work individually and in small groups as they continue to refine and consolidate their skills in reading, writing, math, science, practical life, and self-regulation within the community. In the afternoon, the students have the opportunity to work in their Kindergarten cohorts and when possible, buddy with Lower Elementary. The Kindergartners participate in Spanish, Art, Music, Movement, and time with MAC’s Literacy Specialist. These classes offer diverse and intellectual experiences that incorporate elements of history, cultural awareness, storytelling, and physical self-expression into the curriculum.

The Kindergarten year is when children continue to mature socially and emotionally. Because MAC offers mixed-age groups and a low student-teacher ratio, older children show not only a willingness, but sheer delight in leading their peers by giving lessons and helping them practice new skills, this reinforces social development and builds character in the student’s leadership skills, patience, and empathy.

The activities created by Maria Montessori accurately reflect the emotional, social, and cognitive needs of students in a given plane. Skipping the third year, or enrolling a student in a non-Montessori setting, risks placing them in an environment where the skills and lessons don’t follow with best practices for their developmental needs.

Why Integrated Kindergarten at MAC?

More Focus On Academic Rigor

Because children in Montessori classrooms work at an individualized pace taught to them in the way that they learn best, they can soar without waiting for the rest of their peers. This ensures that students are engaged, especially in their IK year when their abilities are prime for laying academic foundations that last for life. There are many classroom materials that are only for IK children, and those works that students have used in preschool are ripe for extensions and new challenges. Children cement their curiosity, love of learning, and intellectual development through the IK program.

Development of Leadership



IK students develop their voices and role as leaders. In our multi-age environment, our oldest students have the unique opportunity to understand at a young age what it means to be a leader. Our teachers give direct instruction about the responsibility that accompanies leadership, and our IK students practice these skills each day. Whether it is assisting a younger child with a lesson or leading a small group, IK students leave Primary with the confidence that will endure throughout their schooling.

Expansion of Knowledge and Curiosity



In response to their rapidly developing fascination with digging deeper into subject matter, our IK students spend several afternoons each week with other IK and Lower Elementary students learning advanced Spanish, art, music, and physical education. These additional classes incorporate elements of history, cultural awareness, storytelling, and physical self-expression.

Program Highlights

Integrated Kindergarten is a Pinnacle Year for our Students

We track each child’s growth carefully and use Transparent Classroom to keep detailed records to ensure the Montessori curriculum is aligned with common core standards. You can expect your IK student to experience a robust and comprehensive year full of academic and social/emotional growth.

Integrated Kindergarten follows a typical school year, beginning in August and ending on the last day of the academic year, which is Friday, June 2, 2023. Children must be 5-years-old on or before October 1 of the year of enrollment to be eligible to join IK. This is consistent with most public and private schools.

To learn more about our IK program and curriculum, download the program profile below.

Integrated Kindergarten Profile