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Program Highlights

  • The toddler classrooms have 10 children each ranging in age from 16 to 36 months old.
  • The teacher to child ratio is 1:5 with one Montessori Certified Lead, one assistant and a community assistant for a portion of the day.
  • In the Toddler Community one of the major areas of focus is toilet training. The teacher and parents will partner together to determine when your child is showing readiness to toilet train.
  • Language development is essential at this age; therefore, our teachers do many lessons involving language and always encourage children to “use their words” to communicate their needs and feelings.
  • This is the optimal age for children to begin participating in “group time.” This is a time of day when all of the children gather with the lead teacher and participate in decision making about the classroom rules, plans and activities that they will be doing. They also enjoy learning the calendar, singing songs, and reading stories as a group.
  • Children will participate in the Exercises of Practical Life that will encourage them to take responsibility for caring for themselves and their classroom environment.
  • Our Toddler Community Room is a Montessori influenced, play-based environment. The children use this space during the afterschool program, guided gross motor activities as well as on days when bad weather prohibits outdoor play.
  • Toddlers have Art class and Music class once a week outside of their classrooms where they are introduced to various mediums for experimentation and instruments for exploration.
  • Toddlers have Spanish class once a week where they sing and have movement and reading activities and are exposed to 5 or 6 new words in Spanish per lesson.
  • Food preparation is part of our work cycle. Children are invited to help a teacher chop, season, and stir a lunch time vegetables before they cook them for their lunch meal.
  • The children go on neighborhood walks when weather permits.