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Program Highlights


Children learn about creating a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating and movement. Every day children are included in meal selection and meal preparation. Children bake and cook healthy foods throughout the week. MAC takes advantage of living in an urban neighborhood and goes on neighborhood walks and walks to nearby parks regularly. Children also have time for both structured and unstructured play outside.


Children participate in Spanish weekly during the after-school enrichment program. The Spanish curriculum focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children enrolled in the IK program have an additional weekly Spanish class that further continues these areas of study in their IK cohort.


The primary art studio at MAC is above all a space for discovery. The children are invited to explore materials, use the language of art, engage in self expression, and learn art-making techniques. They work both individually and in group lessons to develop fluency in materials so that they can find autonomy in creating with media such as watercolor, clay, collage, tempera paint, and bookmaking.


The Primary children are introduced to three very important skills while continuing to build on the basic musical elements. These skills are: identifying rhythm as related to names (Ta/Ti, etc.), using solfa (do-re-mi), and learning the Curwen hand signs (provides a psychomotor representation of pitch). They are also given more individual and collaborative performance opportunities to develop their vocal and improvisational skills.

After School

Our primary after-school enrichment program includes structured activities and time for free play. Children participate in science, maker’s ed, yoga and Spanish every week. There is a large community room prepared with blocks, puzzles, art supplies, light table and various materials to encourage choice and play.