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Our primary classroom is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly developing 3-6 year old child. Classes are composed of mixed-age groups to allow for cognitive stimulation while also meeting each child’s social needs. The goal of the primary program is to enrich and promote the further development of each child’s natural curiosity and zest for learning. The Montessori approach at the primary level is based on the needs of the individual child. They are in control and responsible for making choices throughout the day. Each class has a wide variety of specific Montessori materials for hands-on exploration and a Montessori trained staff that facilitates a child’s trust in him/herself through risk-taking, further questioning, and skill development.

Our students pursue their quest to learn through experimentation in the many facets of life: Care of Self and Environment, Language, Mathematics, Science, Music, Art, Geography and History. The MAC Montessori curriculum provides a progressive educational foundation as well as integration with real-life experiences, and is implemented with respect to varying learning styles and natural human development. At MAC, children are able to be their unique selves. Our teachers gets to know each child on a deep level and because of this, children are given the responsibility of making their own learning choices throughout the day with the support of trained Montessori teachers.

We chose the Primary program at MAC because we like how it focuses on free choice activities and emphasizes focus, control, and attention. We love our Primary teacher and appreciate her incredible insight to our little boy’s strengths, weaknesses, and growth.
-Katie & Fred, MAC Parents