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Program Highlights

  • The Nido classrooms have 9 children each ranging in age from 8 weeks to 18 months.
  • The adult to child ratio is 1:3 with a Montessori Certified Lead and two assistants.
  • The Nido program strives to foster independence, physical development, and language development for the infants. This is achieved by having open, safe classroom where the children are not inhibited by items such as playpens and walkers.
  • Every classroom keeps daily charts on the children. These are posted on the wall inside the classroom and document every time a child eats, sleeps, works, or has a bodily function.
  • Sign language is used in all Nido classrooms in order to help the young child communicate effectively.
  • The children go for daily walks both inside the school as well as around the neighborhood in buggies which seat six children at a time. The Nido also use wagons for this purpose. Staff maintain a teacher to child ratio of 1:4 during walk times.
  • The teachers help the children to sit on small chairs with arm support, around 5 or 6 months when they can sit by themselves. The teachers also assist them to drink milk/water from open cups and eat using a fork and spoon.
  • The parents and the teachers work together VERY closely during this time in order to ensure that there is consistency between home and school.
  • Every week, the children participate in art and music class.