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Program Highlights



In the Integrated Kindergarten music classes, the children learn to express music by performing independently and responding to music with movement. They have the opportunity to create music in different ways and identifying simple musical patterns. They are introduced to music theory by learning to comprehend basic musical elements and musical opposites, as well as identification of vocal and instrumental timbre and simple rhythmic patterns. Finally, they participate in experiences that teach the aesthetic value of music by showing respect for and responding to their peers’ musical contributions and performances, while discussing and identifying how music contributes to and facilitates our daily life.


The Integrated Kindergarten Art program at MAC provides an opportunity for children to explore and engage with art-making materials and concepts in the studio. The children develop an understanding of art as a means of expression, representation, and storytelling and work both individually and collaboratively with their peers. They build upon their creative vocabulary through introduction of new materials and discussion about their own art work and the works of great artists.


The Integrated Kindergarten Spanish program gives students the opportunity to learn valuable lessons that allow for a deeper understanding of the Spanish language. The children meet as a group in the Elementary Spanish classroom where they are guided by the Lead Spanish teacher and her Elementary student assistants. Throughout the year, the children create a Spanish book that includes their artwork, booklets on animals, vegetables, fruits, and studies of Latin cultures. The students write, count, sing, read, and play games in Spanish that build upon previous lessons that were given.These lessons are designed to meet the children at their level. Students are then prepared for our Elementary School where Spanish acquisition is integrated into daily lessons and activities.