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MAC's Integrated Kindergarten is a full day program that engages students academically, socially, and emotionally. The morning is spent in the classroom where students participate in work that serves as the pathway to the beginning stages of reasoning and abstraction. The Kindergartners work individually and in small groups as they continue to refine and consolidate their skills in reading, writing, math, science, practical life, and self-regulation within the community. In the afternoon, the students have the opportunity to "go big" by working in their cohorts and alongside the Elementary students. The Kindergartners participate in Spanish, Art, Music, and our Reading and Literacy studio classes. These classes offer diverse and intellectual experiences that incorporate elements of history, cultural awareness, storytelling, and physical self-expression into the curriculum.

The Kindergarten year is when children continue to mature socially and emotionally. Because MAC offers mixed-age groups and a low student-teacher ratio, older children show not only a willingness, but sheer delight in leading their peers by giving lessons and helping them practice new skills, this reinforces social development and builds character in the student’s leadership skills, patience, and empathy.