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Our Elementary School offers strong progressive academics, including Mathematics, Language, Science and History. Our classrooms are filled with math and science materials that isolate specific concepts for the child and allow concrete math and science skills to be fostered through hands-on and didactic lessons that require further inquiry and investigation to solve the problem.

Reading, writing, and language skills are developed and mastered through all learning disciplines and are connected to explorations, research, and experiments. In addition, reading and writing workshops are a common theme in the classroom and range from writing children's stories to reading historical biographies in a literature group.

In addition to academics, we offer music, art, life-skills, Spanish language, and technology programs.

MAC Art Studio

The Elementary Art Studio at MAC is an extension of the classroom where students explore and master art-making materials. The curriculum is emergent, driven by work in the classroom, the children's interests, and individual needs. Students have time and space to plan and implement big works, work collaboratively, and participate in group lessons. The students are engaged in artist studies, both historical and contemporary, and connect with art in the local and greater community.

Healthful Living Studio

Students are guided in understanding the importance of physical activity in their daily lives and encouraged to develop a positive outlook for leading healthy, active lifestyles. They are introduced to the concepts of nutritional needs and explore how the body responds to exercise. Each child is encouraged to work toward his or her physical development level while incorporating teamwork, sportsmanship, and building community through physical activity and engagement.


Spanish Language acquisition is an integral component of the Elementary curriculum at MAC. Research demonstrates that learning a second language increases cognitive skills, such as critical thinking, attention and making connections. Our Spanish language teacher engages children with lessons in speaking, reading, writing and cultural studies using Spanish in their daily interactions and class activities.

Music Studio

MAC music classes combine Montessori pedagogy and music education with elements of both Kodaly and Orff methodologies to provide the students the opportunity to explore and develop their musical potential. Students play a variety of instruments and participate in creative exploration through movement, singing, and listening experiences. Students are also introduced media technology through iMovie, Garageband and podcasts where they create weekly updates for the MAC community.