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Staff & Faculty

Nido Lead Teachers

Tamara Jefferson
Nido 1

Christie Archuleta
Nido 2

Gracie Lopez
Nido After School Coordinator

Toddler Lead Teachers

Andrew Ruiz
Toddler Community 1

Kelly Anderson
Toddler Community 2

Christina Feulner
Toddler Community 3

LaToya Cook
Toddler Community 4

Lesley Lefkowitz
Toddler Community 5

Danielle Sarli
Toddler Community 6

Primary Lead Teachers

Lili Grieves
Primary Acqua

Tammy Sakariassen
Primary Aria

Meghan Robertie
Primary Cielo

Gabi Candotti
Primary Sole

Laura Anderman
Primary Terra

Elementary Lead Teachers

Shawn Bona
Lower Elementary

Izzi Stone
Upper Elementary

Pia Long
Elementary Spanish

Robin Hoch

Kirsten Welch


Nancy James
Head of School

Alicia FaJohn
Assistant Head of School

Shana Combes
Director of Finance

Jennine Friess
Director of Communications

Crystal Gippe
Director of Operations

Mirae Hassler
Nido & Toddler Director

Cait Partyka
Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Kay Loer
Primary Director

Jayla Kipfer
Director of Enrichment

Alexis DeJulio
Advancement Coordinator

Emily Wollan
Office Manager

Jamie Clifton
Administrative Assistant