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Parent Resources

Denver Preschool Program Resources

Tell Me More about Montessori

Watch the founders of Google share their thoughts on Montessori with Barbara Walters.

This is a great (and quick) explanation about the difference in Montessori and traditional education.


Forbes addresses the relevancy of Montessori in today’s business world

Sal Khan explains how his new school is like Montessori

Forbes explains that Montessori was the first scientific education method

Larry Page speaks about the power of his experience with Montessori

Find out more about the relationship between innovators and Montessori

Read about Harvard Business Review’s (HBR) findings that link Montessori to successful innovators

HBR’s study about the relationship between Montessori and entrepreneurs is explained here

What’s the surest route to joining the “creative elite?” Read about it in this article from Wall Street Journal

Science Journal evaluates the efficacy of Montessori education

Tell Me More about Dual Language

University of Chicago finds that children exposed to multiple languages may be better natural communicators

Berkeley makes a strong case for dual language

Harvard Education Letter shares the popularity of dual language programs

Tell Me More about Experiential Learning

Read about the effects of environment-based education on student achievement

National Environmental Education and Training Foundation discusses creating high performing students and schools

This article shares student gains from Place-Based Education

Tell Me More about Being a Body Safe School

MAC is a body safe school. Body safety includes:

  • Teaching children that they are the boss of their own bodies
  • Identifying “private parts” and using the proper terminology for these parts
  • How to recognize and respond to inappropriate behavior

Our staff is required to take training and we also host a workshop for parents every other year so they can become informed on body safety rules. To learn about what MAC does as a school, watch a video with our Head of School here. You can also read more about the parent workshop and training we provide here.

We feel so lucky to be part of the MAC community. Our kids are challenged daily to stretch their minds and hearts in ways that are preparing them to take on the world as engaged, creative and passionate citizens.
-Erin & Mark, MAC Parents