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Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher

Job Title: Upper Elementary Classroom Assistant
Department: Elementary
Supervisor’s Title: Director of Elementary Program
Employee Classification: Exempt

The Upper Elementary Classroom Assistant is a critical component of the Elementary program at MAC. This position is a teaching role, meaning that >75% of time should be spent directly working with children.

General Duties:

Classroom Responsibilities

  • Ensuring the classroom is clean, organized, and ready for children (keep shelves orderly and supplies replenished so that children can practice their lessons and engage in projects)
  • Material replenishing
  • Dishes
  • Taking attendance
  • Snack prep & dismantle
  • Snack Ordering
  • Instagram and social media
  • Supporting Transparent Classroom documentation
  • Other duties as assigned

Instructional Responsibilities

  • Building strong relationships with all students
  • Positively redirecting students to ensure >90% of the classroom is engaged in work during the work cycle
  • Checking student work and supporting instruction
  • Managing students who are not in lessons to ensure children/teachers who are in lessons are not interrupted
  • Going Out Chaperone
  • Assist with lunch and recess duties
  • Support the Montessori teaching method. Specifically, help guide the child through self-directed activities, allowing the child to develop at his or her own pace. Foster, along with the lead teachers, a nurturing and stimulating non-competitive environment.
  • Act as a “second set of eyes,” so each child’s activity and duration of engagement is identified. Provide this information to the lead teacher to identify the ebb and flow of a student’s work cycle as well as patterns in learning and needs. Provide observations as necessary for targeted and individualized lesson planning and for the development of effective classroom management procedures
  • Support the lead teacher’s communication with parents to ensure that parents are informed about their child's development and any changes to the regular day-to-day schedule
  • Understand the teacher's routine when it comes to delivering a lesson plan and running the class in the event that the teacher is absent on a particular day
  • Support the use of work journal
  • Communicate effectively with lead teacher, elementary team, and program director
  • Participate as a chaperone in overnight trips
  • Ensure goals for student learning outcomes are reached
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Fluent Spanish speaker strongly preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • 2+ years' experience in education
  • Love of Elementary-aged students
  • Nurturing teaching approach
  • High school diploma/GED required (bachelor’s degree preferred)
  • Compassionate attitude and a strong understanding of child development
  • Professionalism, including attendance, positivity, and a sense of humor