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Parent Resources

There are many things that make MAC unique. The age range of students we serve (8 weeks to 8th grade), our candidacy member status with ACIS and AMS, our Body Safety policy and our Montessori philosophy.  Below are a few things that we hope parents find useful in explaining what some of this means.

Recent Montessori News

New Research Highlights The Long-Term Benefits Of A Montessori Education. 
Be it in preschool or beyond, new research from the University of Virginia has found that people who had at least two years of Montessori education report a sense of well-being in adulthood. 

MAC Podcasts

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Tell Me more about Montessori

This is a great (and quick) explanation about the difference in Montessori and traditional education.

Tell Me More About Accreditation

MAC is a candidacy member of ACIS, being accredited comes with many benefits, below is why this matters for MAC.

Tell Me More about Being a Body Safe School

MAC is a body safe school. Body safety includes:

  • Teaching children that they are the boss of their own bodies

  • Identifying “private parts” and using the proper terminology for these parts

  • How to recognize and respond to inappropriate behavior

Our staff is required to take training and we also host a workshop for parents every other year so they can become informed on body safety rules. To learn about what MAC does as a school, watch a video with our Head of School here. You can also read more about the parent workshop and training we provide here.