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Parent Insight Series

Our Parent Insight Series is designed to help educate parents on how children are learning in and outside their classrooms at MAC. This includes helpful parenting classes, diversity, equity and inclusion classes to Montessori in the home. Classes are designed to help educate and support parents at each stage of their child's development. Check back often as more classes and workshops are added. See the full brochure and continue reading below.

One of the major areas of focus in the Toddler Community is toilet training. In fact, most Montessori children, and most all MAC children are using the toilet independently by the time they are 2 years old. Join two of our Toddler Lead Teachers for an informative and beneficial presentation on how to help children at home during the process of toilet learning.

During this presentation parents will learn:

  • How to know when your child is ready to begin the toilet learning process
  • Clothing suggestions to help promote your child's independence
  • Tips and tricks to go from pull ups to underwear
  • What to do at home and at night to support your child's transition to underwear

Join this talk with Kelly Anderson, former Lead Teacher in our Toddler Program and current long-term substitute at MAC. Kelly is a trained facilitator for Parent-Infant and Parent-Toddler classes and she is passionate about helping parents pull through Montessori into the home to help parents mimic the independence children are given in the classroom.

During this talk you'll learn:

  • Why it's important to create space at home to promote independence
  • Easy ways to "Montessori" your home
  • Montessori works and materials that are easy to incorporate into your child's home routine

Connie Miller, certified parenting coach, former teacher, and owner of Rise Parent Coaching, will host a presentation on how to solve five common challenges parents face with play; getting dressed, getting out the door, cleaning up toys, chores, and going to bed without battles.

Rise is a full service personal coaching practice, specializing in teaching and supporting parents in strategies to decrease stress, increase cooperation, while eliminating the need for punishments, rewards, and bribes. The perceived unavoidable cycle of reward, punishments, bribes, yelling, and even ignoring, have little to no lasting effect on behavior. In an attempt to bring order to their homes, everyday parents use these long standing parenting techniques. However, the repetitive nature of these long standing parenting "techniques," is evidence of their ineffective nature, and following through on bribes, rewards, and punishments is often more overwhelming. Instead, Connie teaches play techniques and positive discipline to solve common household challenges.

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