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Parent Insight Series

Our Parent Insight Series is designed to help educate parents on how children are learning in and outside their classrooms at MAC. This includes helpful parenting classes, diversity, equity and inclusion classes to Montessori in the home. Classes are designed to help educate and support parents at each stage of their child's development. Check back often as more classes and workshops are added.

What's the Bias with You?

Sarah Stephens guides us through another wonderful conversion: What's the Bias with You? This workshop builds on the first one we held in October "Celebrating Diversity: From Peace to Equity." You can still join if you didn't attend the first workshop, each are important on their own. 

Sarah's quest for education equity started long before she was born, having a family of multiple professors and educators. After completing her Bachelors of Arts in Spanish Literature and a Masters in Elementary Education, she met her true passion of Montessori in 2008, and the rest was history! She received her Pan American Montessori Society (MACTE) Early Childhood credential in 2013 and her PAMS Trainer certificate in 2017. After more than a decade of teaching and school administration, she continues to pursue her passion of Montessori education by means of the whole child and for ALL.

Watch What's the Bias with You?

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