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Parent Ambassadors

The purpose of the MAC Ambassador Program is to create opportunities for connectedness and inclusiveness amongst parents, teachers and students by strengthening the classroom’s community and supporting the mission of the school.

The MAC Ambassador Program is structured so that "room parents" can have amore active role in the classroom and focus on volunteer efforts, classroom communication and welcoming new families. MAC's Administrative team provides gift cards for teachers' birthdays. Parents are not expected to gift teachers for their birthdays, but rather coordinate with other classroom parents on how to best recognize teachers with tokens of appreciation and encourage other parents in the classroom to do so as well. This could be cards, flowers, coffee or homemade art from students.

Parents volunteer to serve as a Parent Ambassador for his/her child’s classroom each school year. Each classroom has two Parent Ambassadors, although it is a manageable role for one parent. Parent Ambassadors serve as the main spokespeople for their classroom, managing various duties and communication on behalf of all the classroom parents and the school.