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Admissions Process

1. Inquire
2. Visit
3. Apply

Learn more about Montessori philosophy & methodology, get acquainted with MAC's unique position, and consider the benefits & outcomes of a Montessori education. Study the MAC programs, and decide which are the best fit for your family's needs.


To apply, you first need to tour. We offer personalized tours for parents where we visit classrooms and give you a chance to have your questions answered one on one. Tours last approximately 75-90 minutes, and are for adults only. Please select our Inquire button to learn more and schedule a tour with us.


At the conclusion of your tour, you will receive additional information about MAC, including the application. Completed applications should be returned to MAC at your earliest convenience along with the $100 non-refundable application fee.

Wait Pool

Upon receipt of your completed application & fee, your family will enter our Wait Pool. Our enrollment coordinator will determine ongoing space availability and the timing of admissions, with priority being given to siblings of current MAC families, children of MAC staff, and children transitioning from other Montessori programs. The length of time a family spends in the Wait Pool varies widely, as we strive to keep a balance of age and gender in our classrooms, and will offer enrollment openings accordingly.


While in the Wait Pool, each family meets once with MAC's Admissions Team for an informal-yet-informative conversation regarding MAC culture, policies and procedures. MAC will contact you to schedule the interview.

Offering an Opening

When an opening becomes available, the family will be notified by the enrollment coordinator, who will provide information on the specific classroom and transition schedule. The lead teacher will subsequently contact the family with additional details pertaining to the classroom. Please note that the first week of admission is a “transition” week, during which your child will be eased into the classroom setting, gradually increasing his/her time in the room each day, building up to a full day by the end of the first week. This gives the child, the family, and the class all time to positively adjust to the change, which results in an overall smoother transition to MAC.