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Music at MAC

Music at MAC
Jennine Friess

In the Music Program at MAC, which includes ECE (Nido/Toddler/Primary), Lower and Upper Elementary, and Middle School students, are active participants in the creation, theory and the aesthetic valuation of music. Music is a multi-sensory and physically engaging experience in which young children can collaborate together. Making music–including tapping, clapping, bouncing, and dancing–helps develop fine and large motor control. Simple chants, songs, and play-parties build brain and body coordination. In ECE Music, the group setting includes a variety of non-pitched, age-appropriate percussion instruments and a musical repertoire that provides opportunities for singing and vocal exploration. The children love using the egg shakers and singing along with Danny and Robin! In Elementary, the children learn to play musical instruments and have the opportunity to showcase skills during schoolwide performances. They also engage in multicultural songs and dances to expand their knowledge of musical traditions around the world. MAC's music curriculum embraces the pedagogies of Orff, Kodály, and Dalcroze with an emphasis on music literacy, singing, movement, listening, and active music-making on barred Orff instruments.

  • Elementary
  • Integrated Kindergarten
  • Middle School
  • Nido
  • Primary
  • Toddler