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Montessori Math-1000 Bead Chain

Montessori Math-1000 Bead Chain
Jennine Friess

The 1,000 bead chain is a big work! This week an IK student spent some time working in the front office to make sure he had plenty of room to count to 1,000. This work uses a chain of 1,000 golden beads composed of 100 bars of 10, a cube of 1,000, 10 squares of 100, and a box of labels with the numbers 1-10, and 20-1,000 (by tens). The child takes out the chain and counts the first ten beads, labeling each bead. They continue to count but now only labels the 10s all the way to 100. Here, the adult reminds them how the 100 chain folded up into a square like the square of 100, and they place one of the squares above 100. They repeat this process until they reach 1,000. At 1,000, the adult shows the child how we can stack the ten 100 squares up so they look like the 1,000 cube (to show the child that 10 100s is the same as 1,000). This work consolidates linear counting and is an indirect preparation for squaring and cubing.

  • Integrated Kindergarten
  • Primary