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Middle Students Present "What Sustains Us?"

Middle Students Present "What Sustains Us?"
Jennine Friess

The Middle School students presented their second ACT (Aspire-Create-Transform) on unit 2 of their curriculum, “What Sustains Us?” in follow up to their first Act, “Universe of Obligation.” In this student-inspired unit, students explored aspects of life that sustain us as individuals and as communities, including cuisine and belief systems. They learned fundamental techniques of cooking and baking, the chemical processes and rearrangement of molecules involved with cooking and eating, the nutritional components of food, how the sensory system of the human body engages with food and memory, and the flow of energy of our food from cultivation to digestion. To build their knowledge, they used Denver as a learning lab to conduct research by meeting with local farms, restaurants and chefs. The unit ended with students selecting a dish they are inspired by to prepare and research in depth while writing a culminating essay that demonstrates informational, narrative and persuasive writing about how food can tell stories about ourselves and cultures.

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