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Building Toddler Independence

Building Toddler Independence
Jennine Friess

Our Toddler students amaze us every day, even though we've been doing this for 20 years! When you walk into a Toddler classroom during morning work cycle you will see students prepping food, watering plants, cleaning windows, sweeping, and much more. These are lessons in Practical Life where students learn care of their environment and care of one's self. Food prep is not only fun, it aids in the development of early math skills, and development of comprehension and sequencing. Practical Life lessons, such as window washing and plant watering, encourage the development of fine motor skills and functional independence. Everything the children do is intentional and builds self-esteem as they learn to master these skills. Maria Montessori observed that children learn best when they are free to move, free to choose their own work, and follow their interests.

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