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MAC Staff Teaching at MECR

MAC Staff Teaching at MECR
Jennine Friess

Our Lower Division Director, Kay Loer, and Middle School Teacher, Shawn Bona are teaching at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (MECR). MECR prepares adults for careers in education by offering professional courses leading to American Montessori Society certification as well as other professional development opportunities. Having several of our teachers trained through MECR, it’s an honor to have two of our staff members teach the next round of Montessori-trained teachers!  

We asked both Kay and Shawn what they were excited about and how this would contribute to their professional development. Keep reading to hear directly from them about this wonderful opportunity! 

Kay: Teaching classroom leadership at MECR gives me the opportunity to incorporate key Montessori principles; fostering independence, collaboration, individualized learning, critical thinking and a passion for life-long learning while sharing ways to cultivate a strong classroom community. As a teacher and director, I continue to be passionate about creating a space where children are given autonomy in their learning. Mentoring teachers towards creating an environment that gives children the freedom to be themselves is incredibly rewarding and joyful. 

I love working with teachers. The teachers at MECR are passionate about the Montessori philosophy and supporting children’s growth. Every teacher comes with varied experiences, which gives us an opportunity to collaborate and listen to one another. I am in a constant state of learning and reflection when I work with the students. Montessori said, "Within the child lies the fate of the future." To me this quote applies to both the teacher and child, which drives my work at MECR. I feel incredibly grateful to work with teachers in this way.

Shawn: I am incredibly honored and grateful for this opportunity, and I am so excited to take part in MECR's mission to grow the practice of Montessori and make it more accessible to all people. I absolutely love cultivating a learning environment that inspires a sense of awe and belonging through the magic of Montessori, and I am looking forward to sharing this passion with adult learners. I will be teaching Biology for Lower Elementary teachers, and what is better than that?! The wonder of science provides amazing opportunities to discover and appreciate ourselves through discovering and appreciating the world around us. This gratitude is at the center of our Montessori practice, and I am hoping that through this course, more and more children will have the opportunity to experience the world in this way. 

I have grown so much in my past ten years at MAC, and this new role at MECR provides me an opportunity to go out into the larger Montessori community to share all that I have learned. In doing so, I am afforded the opportunity to be surrounded by, and to learn from, amazing educators who are deeply passionate about reflecting on, growing and expanding our work in Montessori. This opportunity will help me grow in so many aspects and I think teaching always provides a unique opportunity to unpack all you have learned, to reconnect with your foundational values and to really define the "why" behind your work. This opportunity is a reflection of our Elementary team and all we have worked to build here at MAC.  I cannot wait to share that MAC magic with cohorts of aspiring teachers.

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