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Learning from Peers

Learning from Peers
Jennine Friess

One of the great things about MAC is how students are encouraged to follow their interests and share them with other communities. From learners to leaders, when students learn from their peers, they are encouraged to take initiative and engage in self-directed learning, which is a key component of a Montessori education. Recently, a student in Upper Elementary visited Primary classrooms to play music and expose the younger students to the cello, allowing her to practice performing to an audience and gain confidence in her abilities. Similarly, a Lower Elementary student visited a Toddler classroom to read a book during the morning work cycle, fostering early literacy in younger students and allowing her the opportunity to gain confidence in her own literacy skills.

Peer learning is pivotal for social, emotional, and academic development. Older students act as role models, enhancing engagement and motivation among their peers. This method encourages independence, empathy, and a deeper understanding of subjects, as students not only learn academic content but also essential life skills through teaching and interacting with one another.

  • Lower Elementary
  • Primary
  • Toddler
  • Upper Elementary