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Kindergarten Students Visit the Library

Kindergarten Students Visit the Library
Jennine Friess

MAC's Integrated Kindergarten students spent an afternoon visiting our neighborhood library, Blair-Caldwell. They had the opportunity to leave the classroom, learn how a library card and self-checkout work, and meet our favorite librarians. Introducing children to a public library plays a crucial role in their development of lifelong learning. Public libraries are treasure troves of knowledge, offering a vast array of books, digital resources, and educational programs that can ignite a child's imagination, foster a love for reading, and cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world. Exposing the IK children to our neighborhood library prepares them for the many trips they will take during their Elementary years and encourages their journey into a love of literacy. The Elementary students frequently visit Blair-Caldwell, using it as a hub for researching their passions and learning the responsibilities involved in checking out, caring for, and returning books so others can also enjoy them. Libraries also provide a community space where children can interact with peers, participate in storytelling sessions, and engage in cultural activities.

  • Integrated Kindergarten