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Geo Baseball

Geo Baseball
Jennine Friess

MAC Middle School and Elementary students spent the past month memorizing the globe (or continents for the younger students) and challenged the entire school to compete with them in Geo Baseball. Staff members, students from Middle School, Upper and Lower Elementary, and even a 5-year-old in Primary put their geographic knowledge to the test. Geo Baseball begins with one person on home plate with their back to a world map. The pitcher then gives them a country, they have 15 seconds to think about it, they then turn their back and place their finger on that country as quickly as they can within 3 seconds. If they get it correct, they get to walk to 1st base. If they do not, it counts as an out. The next person in the batting order is up and the pitcher gives them a different country. Like baseball, they counted how many people get across all three bases. The students had fun preparing for the challenge and playing Geo Baseball with other grades and staff!

  • Elementary
  • Middle School