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End of Year Trips in Elementary

End of Year Trips in Elementary
Jennine Friess

May trips for Lower and Upper Elementary students mark the culmination of all their hard work during the school year. The trips are a tradition, and the kids talk about them months in advance!

Lower Elementary students visited the Cal-Wood Education Center, where they engaged in environmental and science education during an immersive 3-day, 2-night experience. The kids loved this retreat, spending time playing games, doing a nature scavenger hunt, and dissecting owl pellets they found under the trees. They discovered skulls, vertebrae, pelvises, and more. They also conducted a pond study, examining snails, nymphs, and frog eggs.

Upper Elementary students spent 5 days and 4 nights exploring Southwestern Colorado. They visited the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park, Treasure Falls, the Four Corners Monument, Hovenweep National Monument where they saw Ancestral Puebloan ruins, and ended the trip by rafting in Durango.

These trips provide students with the opportunity to not only learn, but bond over shared experiences. Gratitude is extended to our teachers who accompany the students on these adventures! They provide a safe and familiar presence, which is especially comforting for the children going on their first trip away from home. Although rewarding, it is a lot to pack into the last month of school. The teachers always make these trips a memory of a lifetime for the students!

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