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6th Grade Capstone Trip to D.C.

6th Grade Capstone Trip to D.C.
Jennine Friess

Our sixth graders embarked on their capstone trip to Washington D.C. to experience history, culture, and politics firsthand. This capstone trip serves as an educational tool that empowers students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings, enhances their social skills, and fosters independence. Our sixth graders demonstrated this by planning every aspect of the trip and fundraising via their student-run business, the Coffee Cart. These activities taught them financial literacy, collaboration, and teamwork. The students spent the week visiting a series of memorials, museums, and monuments. Each site, from the Supreme Court to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, was directly tied to their curriculum, making their journey a practical lesson in history, civics, and science. By visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and the Holocaust Museum, the students confronted historical realities, deepening their understanding of the human stories beyond the books they read. Trips like these not only reinforce fearless, forward learners, but also thinkers, doers, and compassionate citizens.

  • Upper Elementary