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About MAC

Mary Montague

Born and raised in south Florida, I am the youngest of five children and I come from a family of educators. My passion for children and learning was cultivated as a young child and I had no hesitation choosing to study Education in college. After obtaining a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida in May 2009, I taught third grade and first grade in Florida. While not planning to leave the teaching profession entirely, life’s changes brought me to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2011. I began working for a vitamin and health supplement company full-time while also obtaining her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. These two work opportunities cultivated a new passion for health, wellness, and holistic well-being.

I was grateful for those work experiences, but truly missed working in an educational setting surrounded by children. My fiancé’s job brought us to Denver in May 2014, and I saw this move as an opportunity to search for a meaningful new work environment. I began researching Montessori schools in Denver, believing that a Montessori school would be an ideal fit for my professional skillset and personal passions. MAC’s mission spoke to my heart, and when I saw an open position at the school, I eagerly applied. I am incredibly grateful to be back in an educational setting surrounded by children, staff, and parents who take pride in cultivating a safe and healthy environment for children to learn, explore, and grow. I look forward to learning more about Montessori education and watching MAC grow in the near future!

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