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About MAC

The Montessori Academy of Colorado is a metropolitan school that engages each child through innovative academics, exploration of character, and a fearless, forward mindset.

The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method of education is named after its founder, Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). As a Neurologist, she worked to understand the development of the young brain. By working with, and scientifically observing children, she brought about a new form of education. She respected each child as an individual with unlimited potential and provided an environment that allowed the natural unfolding and education of that child within the limits of respect for oneself, the environment and others.

The Montessori environment is specifically designed around each child's distinct learning style, allowing her to progress at her own pace, with guidance and support from teachers. It is important to note that Montessori education is a guiding philosophy that incorporates all aspects of the developing child: academic, social, emotional and physical. This allows each individual child's distinct needs to be met in their classroom community.

The use of the Montessori materials is based on the young child's unique aptitude for learning which Dr. Montessori identified as the Absorbent Mind. In her writings, she frequently compared the young mind to a sponge - absorbing all of the input and information from the environment, almost without effort. The process is particularly evident in the way in which a two year-old learns his native language, without formal instruction and without the conscious, tedious energy that an adult must employ to master a foreign tongue. Acquiring information in this way is a natural and delightful activity for the young child who employs all of his senses to explore and investigate his surroundings.

Since the child retains this ability to learn by absorbing until he is almost seven years old, Dr. Montessori reasoned that his experience could be enriched by a classroom where he could handle materials which would demonstrate basic educational information to him. Over eighty years of experience have proved her theory that a young child can learn to read, write and calculate in the same natural way that he learns to walk and talk. In a Montessori classroom the materials invite him to do this during his own periods of interest and readiness.

Dr. Montessori always emphasized that the hand is the chief teacher of the child. In order to learn, there must be concentration and the best way a child can concentrate is by fixing his attention on some task he is performing with his hands. (The adult habit of "doodling" is a remnant of this practice.) All of the equipment in a Montessori classroom allows the child to reinforce his casual impressions by inviting him to use his hands for learning.

Reference: A Parent's Guide to the Montessori Classroom by Aline D. Wolf

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