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Our primary classroom is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly developing 3-6 year old. Classes are composed of mixed-age groups to allow for cognitive stimulation while also meeting each child’s social needs. The purpose of this program is to enrich and promote the further development of each child’s natural curiosity and zest for learning. Each class has a wide variety of materials for hands-on exploration and trained staff that facilitate a child’s trust in him/herself through risk-taking, further questioning and skill development. Our students pursue their quest to learn through experimentation in the many facets of life: Care of Self and Environment, Language, Mathematics, Science, Music, Art, Geography and History. Our curriculum provides basic knowledge as well as integration with real-life experiences and is implemented with respect to varying learning styles and natural human development. The flow of the classroom is hard to miss. A child must be at least three years old and toilet-trained to enroll in this program.

With our 3rd year Primary program, this full-day program allows us to further the 3rd year Primary child’s transition into more abstract thinking while still supporting his/her need of meaningful hands-on activities. Beyond cognitive needs, this age of child is strongly motivated in the area of social development. Therefore, we have designed a program that allows leadership and social skills to develop as well as the necessary basic and higher level thinking skills. To accommodate this, the class spends part of each day with a preschool class and the remaining portion with their 3rd year Primary class. The growth of confidence, trust and cognitive skills is astounding. Our program emphasizes a balance of basic educational skills with the excitement of Geography, Science, Cultural Studies, History and the Arts.

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