Jamie Everton

After completing several courses, my Associate's degree, group leader, and my director center certifications from Red Rocks Community college, I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and respectively MAC.  I began my journey into the MAC community as a toddler co-teacher in 2004 while I finished my Montessori 0-3 training and certification in 2006.  I then became a toddler Directress for a few years and then moved to the Nido community as the Nido 3 Directress. 

I felt my life needed a change of pace and even though I loved working with the babies I decided to leave MAC in 2009 after obtaining my Medical Assistant certification.  I learned and grew so much in the time that I was working in a doctor's office but my heart ached to be back with children.  Later that year I was back at MAC as the Nido 3 lead.  It was the perfect spot for me, not only was I becoming baby crazy and enjoyed every moment I had with the infants, I also enjoyed building lasting relationships with the parents as they began their journey through the MAC community. 

After marrying my amazing husband in 2012 we started to talk about our future and the family we wanted to start.  I asked myself if I would be able to care for other infants who were not my own and still be able to give our baby my energy after coming home from work.  In 2013, I accepted the TC2 Directress position and felt that the stars were aligning and the time was right to start my own family.  I never realized how much I missed the toddler age group and have been so excited and happy with this new change and new energy level.  Matt and I welcomed our beautiful daughter in the Spring of 2014. Even though we have loved being a part of the incredible staff at MAC, we are even more excited to be a part of the parent body and parent culture.


Personal Info – hobbies, interests, inspirations

I enjoy the outdoors, movies and painting.  I find myself continually learning.  I enjoy extreme sports even though initially I seem to be afraid.  I’ve tried sky diving, spelunking, zip lining and parasailing.  Next I would love to try hang-gliding and rock climbing.  Friends and family have always been important to me and I cherish the time I am able to spend with them.

Montessori Moment – favorite quotes from students, anecdotes

Favorite quote:

“He learns everything without knowing he is learning it, and in doing so he passes little by little from the unconscious to conscious treading always in the path of joy and love.”

            The Absorbent Mind, Cilo, 1988 p.24