What is art? It is a question that is older than time itself and it offers a multitude of possible answers. While scholars and philosophers debate and make record of their solutions to the question, I find the answer to be quite simple.

For me, art is an emotional evocation of the creative spirit through experimenting with the use of symbolic representation.

It is with my very best intention to inspire the student to venture down every avenue available in the realms of art.  As the student enters the art studio, they will feel compelled to experience their own creative process and feel the artistic energy emanating from the room. It is my duty as the instructor to expose the student to every medium possible. It is my privilege and duty to assist in the transformation of the student's artistic spirit into a solid state. As the student grows larger and their skills expand, their art will undergo a metamorphosis of its own.

Mr. Corey Lee Merritt - Art Director

Corey Merrit