Dana Hoegh

I earned a Bachelors degree with honors from the University of Rochester and am certified from the Montessori Institute of Colorado in 0-3 years.  I have been a Nido lead at MAC since October 2009, but was previously held the position of Toddler lead at Webster Montessori.  I worked as a nanny for 3 years previously, as well as a tutor and did after school care at the YMCA.

Personal Info – hobbies, interests, inspirations

I enjoy taking walks and riding bikes as well as hiking and swimming.  I also enjoy sewing, knitting, and collecting stamps.  Some of my main interests include reading about world religions and modes of prayer and I am studying Spanish.  I am inspired by children, my work teammates as well as my brothers and sisters.  I am inspired through music and dance as well as past books I have read and traveling.

Montessori Moment – favorite quotes from students, anecdotes

As a Toddler lead, one child asked me where my bed was (at the school.)

When the children I took care of as a nanny were over at my home for a visit, the little boy pointed to my bedroom and asked, “Dana, is that your crib?”

When explaining to children while babysitting that I live in an apartment and that I don’t have a backyard to play in, the children promptly suggested to their mom and dad that I move in.