Corey Merritt

I began working at MAC in 2005 and have worked in Early Childhood Education since 2002.  I began as an assistant here at MAC and worked my way up to a lead position as the Toddler After School Coordinator.  In 2009, I accepted the position of Art Director.  

At the Rocky Mountain College, I studied Illustration.  I studied English and Art History at Metro State Denver.


Personal Info – hobbies, interests, inspirations

I love soccer, tattooing, and laughter.  I draw my inspiration from my loving wife and three children.  I mix emotions with current events - and living, breathing works of art are created as a result.


Montessori Moment – favorite quotes from students, anecdotes

"We don't make mistakes - we have happy accidents."
      - Bob Ross

"I am still learning."
      - Leonardo da Vinci, on his deathbed