Anna Fonte

I graduated college with a B.A. in Humanities, emphasis in ESL methodologies for young children and completed two different Montessori Primary credential programs.
This will be my seventh year guiding a Montessori Primary group.
I was originally drawn to Montessori because of the emphasis on exploration of the world as well as lessons in respect for the community of life.
I believe that it is not enough just to learn about this world, children need to discover positive ways to share it with others while ensuring it is here for future generations.

One of my favorite parts of the Montessori Method is the confidence it instills in children through the hands on approach to the core academic curriculum. Seeing the light in a child's eyes as they finally solve that subtraction equation or decode their first word is an experience that can't be matched. I see children as whole, capable beings with an intrinsic motivation to learn and construct knowledge from the environment around them. I believe it is the teacher's role to facilitate and guide in this growth process rather than decide and lead. I also bring a love of observation and documentation to the Primaria Acqua Room. Reflection of living experience is essential for children to make connections between concrete and abstract forms of knowledge.

Outside of my preschool life I enjoy traveling, hiking, exploring cities, cooking with my family, and reading anything and everything.