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With an emphasis on individualized work, how does MAC ensure that children are socialized?

Experiential learning requires our students to function as a group through the collaboration and respectful decision making processes, allowing for socialization skills to be nurtured and enhanced.

I know Montessori schools focus on language skills in their curriculum, but is there a strong emphasis in math and science?

Montessori classrooms are filled with math and science materials that isolate specific concepts for the child and allow concrete math and science skills to be fostered.

How I can I be sure Montessori classrooms will prepare my child for the real world?

The Montessori Elementary continually focuses on collaboration and communication skills in the classroom. Opportunities are provided for individualized work as well as group projects, something that is seen in almost any workplace. Experiential explorations allow the children to see and meet professionals in the working world.

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