Feelings: August 20th-August 31st, 2012

MAC Music Notes for August 20th-August 31st, 2012

Theme: All About Our Feelings

Class Description: After getting back into the routine of music class and exploring new instruments and the new rug in the room, we are focusing on talking about different feelings and emotions. By using the model of the Itsy, Bitsy Spider song, the children explored a variety of emotions that many of them can feel on any given day due to certain situations. The children were invited to think about how different things can affect the way we feel and how to tell what moods others are in. At the end of class, the children listened to classical music excerpts to try to distinguish what feeling or mood the music sounded like it was conveying to them.

Musical Elements: Melodic repetition, steady beat, pitch matching, and pitch exploration.

Academic Skills: Listening, focusing, contributing to a discussion, developing social-emotional intelligence, impulse control and creative expression.

Class Order for TC and Primary:

  1. At the start of each class we sing our welcome song, The More We Get Together. Each child’s name is incorporated into the lyrics.
  2. (Primary Only) Curwen Hand Signs.
  3. We started this class by talking about the word “mood” and what it means. We then talked about the word “feeling(s)” and tried to name different feelings.
  4. We talked about the best way to show our feelings and how we can see how others might be feeling. We then practiced making the faces of different feelings.
  5. Each child gets to choose an instrument from the shelves.
  6. We begin to sing the songs listed below.
  7. After singing with instruments, we listened to some classical music selections that have different sounding “moods”. During the week of 8/20, the children just sat and listened to the selections while thinking and sharing what feelings they thought the music was conveying. During the week of 8/27, the children were encouraged to get up and move to the music while also making some faces of different feelings and moods in the mirror.


Itsy, Bitsy Spider/The Feelings Spider (Itsy, Bitsy Spider)

If You’re Happy and You Know It                           Love Is Something (if you give it away)

You Are My Sunshine                                               Skidamarinky-Dinky-Dink

For a copy of music/lyrics, please email Ms. Robin at music@tmaoc.com