Exploring The Instruments/Old MacDonald Had a Band: October 22nd-November 2nd

Theme: Timber: Exploring the instruments of the music room! (Old McDonald Had a Band)

Class Description: The two class sessions of this theme focused on learning about all the instruments in the music room that are available for playing as well as vocal exploration. With the aid of the Raffi song, Old MacDonald Had a Band, the children were able to identify the name of their instruments and describe the sound they made when played in an ensemble. The children also worked on some vocal exploration exercises as well as melodic recognition and audiation.

Musical Elements: Melodic repetition, steady beat, pitch matching, pitch and vocal exploration, melodic recognition, vocal timbre, variation on a theme, and audiation.

Academic Skills: Listening, focusing, contributing to a discussion, practicing patience, and listening for cues.


Old MacDonald Had A Band 


Old MacDonald had a band,


And in that band he had a class instrument

With a (instrument sound) here,

And a (instrument sound)  there,

Here a (instrument sound), there a (instrument sound), every where a (instrument sound)

Old MacDonald had a band,



Classroom instruments:


Shaker boxes

Fruit shakers

Egg shakers

Sand blocks





Shake ‘n Strums


Primary Activity:

Who’s That?