Now What?

So, as the Montessori journey continues, so do the questions.  As Lucy runs into school each morning asking if it is a “Specials Day” or if she can open the front door with my key card, I look around and wonder, “what am I supposed to be doing?”

The best source of information has come from the other parents I have met either in dropping off or picking up or through the communication from our room parents.  It is difficult to know everything to ask when your lead teacher says, “Do you have any questions?” and impossible for the teacher to anticipate everything a new parent will need to know.

I was able to connect with our room parent and sound confused about this whole process without fear or judgment as chances are they felt the same way at some point.  It started simply, what was that parent login again?  What was that teacher email address?  Who do I bother when I need a one day schedule change?  It became clear to me, different folks within MAC have very different roles, but all are willing to help you find your way.

I attended the Back to School night in September, just after Lucy started at MAC and found I was not alone in my quest to know more.  It was important for me to be able to put names and faces together.  It was also valuable to be in Lucy’s classroom and see the work she was doing and have an understanding what those random cut up pieces of construction paper were that found their way into her pack back every so often.  (Scissor work!)

Having not come from a Montessori background, I was not as familiar as I thought I should be on the concept.  What things could I be doing differently at home?  Is there a way I should set up Lucy’s playthings and books?  Why is she toilet compliant at school but not always at home?  How do I know how Lucy is doing everyday?

I found the notebook the toddler classrooms keep which keep track of the basics, work done that day, lunch eaten or not and naps.  But what about those fun little stories about Lucy?  There is plenty to tell as lots happens in a day of school.  So, it has become now more of a habit to just ask the teachers at pick up, “How was her day?”  That way you hear the good, the bad and the ugly.  For Lucy it is mostly good, stories about her helping the younger kids in her class.

Oh man, she is a helper!  Any parent who is a helper’s worst nightmare!  Which leads me to the above question again, “What am I supposed to be doing?”  The simple answer came in the way of the work bond and volunteering.  My hope was that someone was going to approach me and tell me exactly what to do.  But since there are so many different opportunities, I had to source out the best option for me.  I am not much of a carpenter or painter or groundskeeper, so those volunteer work days when we clean up things wasn’t for me.  I am organized only in my own little world so organizing a huge event like the annual Gala didn’t seem the right fit.  Blathering on about myself…yes, I can definitely do that!  So, if you have gotten this far in this blog entry, consider for a moment, what is it I can do to give back?