Board Meeting Minutes 4 23 2012



Montessori Academy of Colorado (MAC)

2500 Curtis Street

Denver CO, 80205


Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2012


Board Members in Attendance:  Ryan Blake, Christopher Bracken, Heather Day-Richter, Bryon Farnsworth, Colleen Hackley, Rebecca Hudson, Katie van Heuven


Board Members Absent: Zach Chenault, Jennifer Crossett, Matt Parsons, Chuck Raisch


Staff:  RB Fast, Nancy James


Guests:  None


  1. 1.    Welcome
    1. Farnsworth called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM


  1. 2.    Approve March 2012 Minutes
    1. Approval of the March 19, 2012 board meeting minutes was set in motion by Bracken and seconded by Farnsworth, all in favor (6), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (5) – the March, 2012 minutes were approved with one minor attendance update.


  1. 3.    Financials Update
    1. Financials are in order and continuing to improve.
    2. Slight decrease in operations account due to principle payment to mortgage account.
    3. Net income was positive for the month.


  1. 4.    Executive Director (ED) and Enrollment Report
    1. Executive Director (ED)

                                               i.     Town Hall and Strategic meeting was held on 23-Apr-2012.

                                              ii.     Re-contracting is complete for the 2012-2013 school year.  All but one primary teacher has re-contracted.

                                             iii.     Re-enrollment packets will be distributed to parents the week of 23-Apr-2012.

                                            iv.     Building updates:

  1. MAC building loan will be due in 2014.  MAC is working to determine next steps for the loan.
  2. Roof grant has been submitted.
  3. Xcel Energy has fixed a gas main leak near the building.
  4. Nido 1 HVAC has been replaced.
  5. Denver Fire has inspected MAC and potential changes could be required for the Nido community.  More details to follow.
  6. Primary community room build out is still being investigated.

                                             v.     MAC material waiver has been resubmitted.

                                            vi.     MAC Thrift Store has collected clothing and more details will be announced.

                                           vii.     PMAC leadership is being adjusted and more details will be announced.

                                          viii.     MAC 10-year anniversary celebration is being planned.

  1. Enrollment Report

                                               i.     Primary will be full in the next week.

                                              ii.     Summer is also planned to be full.

                                             iii.     Tours and applications are picking up.

                                            iv.     Re-enrollment packets will be sent out this week.


  1. 5.    Committee Updates and Reports
    1. BOD Development – Group met and came up with committee description.  Next steps are a committee meeting to determine next steps and assess BOD needs for the September 2013 election..
    2. Strategic Planning – Results from strategic planning process is starting to be put into action.  Accreditation planning is underway.  Additional options for specials programs are being investigated.  MAC Handbook and “standards” are being developed and will be communicated soon.
    3. Fundraising – Upcoming fundraising activity calendar items include: graduating student donations (pavers) and engagement of alumni.  Committee is looking into creating a fundraising report back to the community that can be provided on a normal basis.
    4. PMAC – PMAC leadership is being adjusted and more details will be announced.
    5. Gala – no updates.
    6. Communications – Committee is being formed and will be meeting next week.  There are 6-8 parents that are interested in volunteering.


  1. 6.    Executive Session
    1. Entrance into executive session was set into motion at 6:45 PM by Bracken and seconded by Hudson, all in favor (7), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (4).
    2. Exited out of executive session was set into motion at 7:06 PM by Day-Richter and seconded by Farnsworth, all in favor (7), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (4).


  1. 7.    Other Items
    1. None.


  1. 8.    Adjourn
    1. Farnsworth adjourned the meeting at 7:07 PM.