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What does a typical day look like in the Primary Community?

7:30 Before School begins in each classroom
8:15 Most students arrive in each classroom
8:30 Work cycle begins – Children enjoy free choice work and or individual presentations of materials.

The work cycle is a time for uninterrupted work. This allows for focus and concentration to develop through purposeful work in the prepared environment. Children work individually or in groups and are given lessons by the directress.
Group time is held at the very end of the work cycle and allows for the community to come together as a whole, sing songs and talk about the day, the season or any other conversations that may arise.

11:30 Outside Time & Lunch
12:30 Story time/prepare for nap
12:45 Resters begin preparing for their rest and K’s for afternoon work cycle.
1:00-3:00 Afternoon work cycle
3:00 Clean-Up, activities with assistants, eat snack and apply sunscreen
3:30 After-School begins

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