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What are the education requirements for teachers at MAC?

All of our lead teachers in the Montessori environments are required to have a Montessori teaching certificate specified to their age group or be currently mentored by a Montessori Teaching Professional and enrolled in a Montessori training institution. The Montessori teaching certificates are obtained only through fully accredited American Montessori Society or Association Montessori Internationale, Montessori Teaching institutes. This is a process that takes several years and requires the student to produce a significant body of work. Many of our lead teachers also hold Associate, Bachelor or Masters degrees in other areas.

Our After School Program Coordinators all hold Bachelor's degrees as well as have college credit in Early Childhood Education. Our specials teachers are college educated in their respective fields as well as in Early Childhood Education. These enrichment programs are driven by knowledgeable and creative professionals.

The assistant teachers at MAC come from a wide variety of social and educational backgrounds. At a minimum, all of our assistant teachers must take at least two college classes in Early Childhood Education. However, many of our assistant teachers hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees as well. This diversity in knowledge and life experience among our staff is part of what makes our school such a rich learning environment.

All of our lead teachers and assistant teachers as well as our administrators are required to obtain a minimum of fifteen hours of continuing education per year. This often occurs in the form of professional workshops conducted at the school on teacher in-service days.

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